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Thursday, January 23rd, 2014



This tree…

This tree died last year and fell over during the icestorm, but what you can’t see are the 5-6 other saplings of the same species growing around the perimeter of the garden.

The key is to observe changes on the property and know what to look for. Walk the property every season. Acer negundo (Manitoba Maple), spreads by seed and is common along fence lines, nooks and cranny’s that are undisturbed by lawnmowers. Seeds can be swept up and put out in yard waste bags, maple keys (seedlings) can be easily pulled in spring. Take stock of the large canopy trees around the property, we have a large Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus alitissima) across the street that provides a bountiful harvest of thousands of samaras (seeds) every year. I sweep them up and dispose but there is always a few that make it to the base of the house and sprout. A little monitoring and some maintenance should be enough to avoid the expense and hassle of having larger trees getting established in undesirable locations. Spend a little time on your property and save!

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