Maintaining and improving your property has many positive benefits both for the general public and homeowner:[list_icon type=”icon_yes” color=”silver”]

  • Add value to the property
  • Improve quality of life for resident(s)
  • Provide curb appeal
  • Provide habitat for birds and insects
  • Reduce health and safety concerns
  • Catch small problems early before they become costly large problems
  • Provide ecological services to the community
  • Create a space for recreation, entertaining and outdoor living
  • Learning about the components of the landscape and your role in stewardship

Our process follows three trajectories based to meet your needs: replace, redefine, or re-evaluate.* Icon Text

*You will note that all 3 options include some maintenance, we believe that the best decisions about land come from observations over time. 

Whether it’s about working together, a testimonial, ways we can improve, or just a how-do-ya-do – please reach out!

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