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“surpassing expectations”


Friday, June 16th, 2017

“We were extremely fortunate to have been introduced to Jonas by a friend and to have had the opportunity to work with the Ecoman team to help us transform our backyard into our oasis.
Ecoman far surpassed our expectations starting with the quality of work and attention to detail which was exceptional from the beginning to the end of the project – and beyond!
One of the things that we enjoyed most was how collaborative the process was. Jonas actively works with you and with team on-site to ensure that you’re going to get an incredible result and exactly what you’re hoping for.
Whenever necessary, Jonas would also take charge, and coordinate parts of the project that required his team and others to work together. You couldn’t help but learn quickly that you were in safe hands and could place a lot of trust in Jonas. He truly cares.
Even when things changed during the process, Jonas would always be open to the discussion, provide suggestions, give you options to make sure that the desired result is achieved.
What you get from Ecoman is more than just a landscape company. There is an artistry to what the ecoman team does. From creating a beautiful hardscape design with uneven cuts of old credit valley stone to bringing the space to life with a variety of trees and plantings; in an extremely well thought out design.
We also truly appreciated how incredibly hard working the Ecoman team is and on top of that…..they show up on time, everyday!
We would highly recommend Ecoman and would be more than happy to speak personally to what a great experience it was to work with Jonas and his team.
Sean and Nicole Kay.

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