Green toronto’s concrete + glass jungle one balcony at a time

Years of research and testing to figure out which plants love to grow on local cliffs and alvars are the basis for our curated selections that thrive on balconies and terraces.

They’re low maintenance, resilient, perennials (come back year after year) and come as either pre-assembled “arrangements” or in their components.

Green your space + grow our green urban network now.


Delivery to your lobby.
Pre-orders will ship after May 20th, 2021

Balcony + Terrace arrangements


12 locally-grown, hardy, low-maintenance perennial plants in Ecoman custom-formulated mineral soil in a 100% recycled textile planter (12” deep 18” in diameter). Plant selection based on supply, season.

By the Component

Curated Plants

A dozen locally-grown, hardy, low-maintenance plants excited to thrive on your balcony or terrace.

Be sure to grab a bag of Ecoman mineral soil mix.

Mineral Soil mix

Ecoman mineral-based soil mix, tested and optimized for plants that thrive in natural cliff and crevice conditions.

37 litres/order (about 50 lbs.) fills 1 planter w/12 plants


Consult an expert to curate a coterie customized to suite your balcony or terrace. We’ll factor in colours, smells, and maintenance requirements for an outdoor living space that gives back year after year.

Call or text for a consultation today!

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/care & feeding


4 cups (1 litre) of water/week, especially if you don’t get rain on your balcony.

Winter Care

Enjoy the view.


Plant it and forget it! (Seriously! We’ll share a few tips but they’re really low maintenance).


12 plants will cover 50cm x 50cm (2.25 sq ft).

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