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Green space plays a role in personal health, property value, and community development. You decide what that role is.

Our Design Approach

Changing the bones of the garden takes planning. We start by gathering ideas during a detailed walkthrough and making notes about how you would like to use the space. The result is a drawing, including a palette of plants to work with and material samples constrained to your budget.

Custom Gardens

Whether you have a vision you'd like brought to life or want an experienced team with a green eye to help you see the possibilities, we create and execute a plan to create space you'll want to spend time in.

Edible Gardens

The first supermarket arrived in the US in the 1950's. Before that, people grew much of their own food. We help design, source, and plant, so you can eat the rewards.

Quality Plants

You'd be amazed at the range of indigenous and foreign flora that will flourish in Toronto. Let us help you source rare and interesting plants for your garden.

Stone Work

Stone adds character and structure to a green space. Its texture and patterns bring dimension to outdoor space the way carpet influences the tone of a living room. Let's build something unique and lasting together.

Wood Work

A fence without love is a barrier. A table without consideration is clutter. Let's consider components that contribute to instead of compromise the feel of the space, shall we?

What clients say when we leave the room

Jonas Spring and his crew of stonemasons and gardeners were a delight to have around, punctual, hard-working, painstaking, creative and fun. It’s not often you can say that going through any kind of a renovation was fun, but with Ecoman it definitely was!

Bronwyn Drainie , Cottingham

Our Maintenance Approach

A good maintenance plan improves aesthetics, stewardship, and property value on a budget. Subtly. Over time. Whether your space requires regularly scheduled visits or simply seasonal cleanups, smart, expert gardening decisions increase the short and long-term returns on green space.


Pruning at the right time makes for healthier plants and keeps your green space looking its best year round. Let us prune for blooms and prune for food production. We always prune for shape and form.

Soil Health

Healthy gardens are rooted in soil amendments like compost, duck manure and mushroom compost. If you always rake your leaves and dispose, how will the soil rejuvenate? We can topdress the garden beds and grassy areas with premium quality soil amendments.

Stone Repair

Let us repair or replace your stonework, so you can feel good every time you look at your outdoor sanctuary instead of hiding inside. Ecoman is comfortable with all types of stone, especially local flagstone.


While walking through your garden for the first time, I often see great plants that are poorly located. Can we find a spot for them where everyone's happy? Let's have a look and see.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Nice weather is precious in Toronto. Don't squander your backyard enjoyment time. We can help you with winter closing and spring opening services.

Custom Maintenance Plan

Gardens – and people – come in all shapes and budgets. Let's put together a care schedule that suits your needs. It's all about detail. We help you pick your battles and prioritize what matters most.

What clients say when we leave the room

Ecoman, Jonas Spring, has been the driving force behind our unique and fabulous prairie garden. When we set out to landscape our home 7 years ago we gave Jonas an idea of our vision and he came up with a plan that has turned out to be beyond wonderful! We have received compliments every year from neighbours and people passing by our garden. He and his team are a pleasure to work with to create beautiful green spaces

Mary-Lea Ruscetta

Initial Consultation Package

Got a new space? Ready to tackle a space you've been putting off? Let's meet and talk about the possibilities. We'll surface what makes the place special and build on that. We see gardens every day–we often have simple solutions to things that make people crazy.

Initial Consultations

The initial meeting is a chance to make sure we're a good fit. While ultimately hope to help you see your land from nature's perspective, we start by asking a series of questions and listening to the answers, usually during a stroll.

Property Inspections

Comprehensive consideration of the exterior of your property; general conditions, plant inventory, stone paths, walkways and walls. The deliverable is a detailed document containing observations you'll want to consider and short and long-term recommendations.

Going Beyond

Turn your initial consultation a conceptual drawing that lays out what we talked about, where things should go, what plants to use etc. You have arrived at the design process.

Green Roofs

Start or grow your green roof project. We guide you through the process from defining the weight your roof can handle and translating the info into soil depth to plant recommendations, planting, and project management. Let's capture run-off, sequester carbon and promote pollination pronto.

Borrow Our Garden Eye

Need a nudge? Borrow our garden eye for your project. Common questions include: What's this plant called? Is this one a keeper? How do I handle the water from my downspout? If you're looking for more detailed information, we can document the entire exterior of your property in one simple report.

What clients say when we leave the room

Jonas came up with a modern design for our tired front yard, steps and driveway involving symetrical stone work and interesting plants and grasses. The look perfectly complimented the newly renovated exterior of our home. We are getting lots of compliments from neighbors and passersby..Jonas and his crew are professional, responsible and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.


Our Installations & Commissions

From the tiniest backyard to large-scale public works projects, look no further for a commissioned piece of art. We can collaborate on an art installation or help you animate a space that is currently underserving the community. We specialize in outdoor urban installations. Let's get together to talk about the possibilities!

What clients say when we leave the room

The design evokes the natural beauty of the ever-emerging ecology of the popular urban oasis,” says Heidi Campbell. “At the same time, images of the traditional farm hedgerow come to mind. The design brings the urban and rural aesthetic together in a provocative way that speaks to the design of green cities.” The winning design was made by landscape architect Victoria Taylor and landscape contractor Jonas Spring, the proprietor of Ecoman.


Whether it’s about working together, a testimonial, ways we can improve, or just a how-do-ya-do – please reach out!

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