If you are new to the property or are unsure which of the above services apply, we recommend you start with a property inspection. Our property inspection is a paperless report that evaluates the condition of your property. The report provides detailed prioritized recommendations on soil, plants, stonework, drainage, pests and disease. Typical property inspections begin with an initial consultation, property inspection, report submission with recommendations, quotes as required, services rendered as required, warranty and maintenance.

We begin by examining the placement of the existing garden. The orientation of the garden in relation to the house and any existing trees informs us about the light conditions on the ground. We make observations regarding the topography of the land, drainage and soil characteristics such as compaction. We include a brief description of the garden style or type with indications of how this will impact maintenance. Any plants of special interest will be identified and inspected. If the property has a lawn, we will provide information on the condition of the turf and identify any weeds and/or pests. In addition, we will examine the plants in the garden for obvious signs of stress, disease and/or pest infestations. The property inspection includes observations on the quality of materials used in pathways, patios and walls as well as observations on original construction and their current condition. Finally the report concludes with any problem areas offering specific recommendations and comments as well as quotes as required, plus information on warranty and maintenance.


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