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Ecoman teams up with Landscape Architect Victoria Taylor for PARKed


Monday, March 4th, 2013


Went to score some old city bike racks today #funtimes

Above is the concept for PARKed. An installation you can see at Canada Blooms from March 15th-24th. This project is a collaboration with Victoria Taylor OALA and Ecoman. I just love working with Victoria, totally fearless when trying something completely different. Take last years Concrete Bloom Bursts installation for example. It was one of my all time favorite projects, in part because everyone around us during the build was looking at us like we were crazy! This time around we were asked to install a landscape in front of a typical Ontario home. Using elements from the public realm, PARKed presents a vision of the front garden as a spatial and visible link to community – a place that encourages biking, social gathering and improvements to the urban forest.

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