You've got a gravel pit, mosquito pool, sun-baked soil cake? We say you've got potential.

We like working with nature. It's our job.

Does your garden resemble a woodland understory, or perhaps your balcony acts like a cliff face? Looking at your garden through this lens is a practical tool we use to inform our design strategy. We call it an ecological reference and we use it to balance your needs and desires within the context of what the space has to offer.

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Every project starts with a nature reference


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the beauty of decay. a very Coreopsis shoutout to Mamas pizza from back in the day. winona and davenport.


The Team

Jonas Spring

Jonas is the person you’d pay to walk around a green space with. Urban, rural or in-between, his interests, eye and enthusiasm illuminate nature’s possibilities. Also a great listener, Jonas draws on 15+ yrs of experience helping people and projects get the most from their green space.

Brandon Pascoa

You know the expression “measure twice, cut once?” Brandon’s eye is like measuring four times. He makes site prep, stonework and planting look easy. It’s not. It’s complicated, technical work–it just turns out he’s a natural. That’s who you want setting foundations and sweating details.

Gabriele Franke

Gabriele is a plant-savant. She’s forgotten more about plants than most of us will ever learn. Edible, native, ornamental, invasive, dynamic, thugs, bugs, pollinator-friendly, etc – Gabriele helps you surface your gems, partner with nature on your oasis, and sew the seeds of a garden that gives back.

Michela Sutter

Bio coming soon!


There’s nothing like training in sociology, adult education, nonprofit management, and community development to prepare you for a career in horticulture. Add an apprenticeship at a Niagara market garden followed by four seasons with team Ecoman and you net out at a cool, calm, collected horticultural plant savant. Apparently.


Bio coming soon!

Whether it’s about working together, a testimonial, ways we can improve, or just a how-do-ya-do – please reach out!

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