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Evergreen SEED awarded to Concrete Blooms Burst

Concrete Blooms Burst was awarded the Evergreen SEED award for the greenest exhibit at Canada Blooms. In addition we also received the Leslie L. Soltie awarded for outstanding creativity in design.

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Replace Repair Redo

Sometimes a client doesn’t need a drawing. When you want to replace, repair, redo an existing part of the landscape that is straightforward, we recommend a simpler process beginning with an initial consultation, quote, acceptance, contract, installation, warranty and maintenance.

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Mikey to some great shots in late summer of our Cottingham project. This project was designed by Victoria Taylor using northern natural split drywall, a variety of grasses and halton flagstone for the flatwork.

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Canada Blooms Highlights For Toronto Gardens

Landscape architect Victoria Taylor designed it; Ecoman contractor Jonas Spring built it, using chunks of waste concrete – and judges awarded it for creativity.

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BlogTO Reviews Concrete Bloom Bursts

The most urban thing in the whole building was probably the Concrete Bloom Bursts, a long garden display that cuts through the CB exhibits – a low berm of construction debris spiked with flowers, grasses, trees and shrubs.

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Promo for Canada Blooms

Check out the promo for Canada Blooms: The Flower and Garden Festival which runs from March 16 – 25, 2012.

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Canada Blooms Theme

This year Canada Blooms theme is City Culture, we are installing a feature garden with the title Concrete Blooms Burst. I was so happy about the choice of theme this year. I think a great place to observe this theme in action is the interaction between plants and urban spaces. Consider the pictures above. Street…

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